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21 April 2011News Item

News Item

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New Product

Naturecote Lime Plaster

For many years the team at NuAge Plaster have wanted to develop an interior plaster system that was unique to this company whilst at the same time being innovative and healthy to the home environment.

We were very fortunate that this company’s formulation chemist has had many years of experience in Europe developing and perfecting interior lime plaster systems. The development team at NuAge spent many hours working with the lime plaster to make it a suitable system for use inside New Zealand homes for both new construction and renovation projects. 

The use of lime in plaster has been a proven performer for centuries both the Greek and Roman civilisations mastered the use of this material and many worldwide historical sites have lime plaster workings in them. It has been stated that lime mortar and lime plaster are the healthiest natural materials for human beings.

A building interior finished with a lime plaster basically has an automatic air conditioning system. Lime takes up the excessive airborne environmental moisture very quickly and is also able to release it under drier conditions later on. Harmful organisms such as spores of fungi have no chance of survival as lime is not acidic but alkaline.

The development team at NuAge plaster have successfully developed an interior system where the Naturecote Lime Plaster can be applied over the widely used Gib board as well as all masonry substrates to create superior finishes and a healthy environment for all families.

Little maintenance is required with the Naturecote lime plaster as it is uniquely durable and is easy to brush or wipe clean.

Now you are free to create your own masterpiece in your home with the ability from the team at NuAge to colour match any of the  major paint companies colours look at our photo gallery. We have a full range of breathable paint coatings that compliment the benefits of the breathable Naturecote lime Plaster.

The team at NuAge are here to offer assistance to you at any stage of your construction/renovation process and will work with you to develop textures and colours that will suit your life style. We also offer assistance when it comes to choosing a tradesman who can create your dreams.





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