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Water Tanks

John Cash asked NuAge to develop a method of constructing water tanks that was less labour intensive than historical methods while still complying with standards.

NuAge developed a water-proof plaster that complied with the industry compressive strength standards that could be pump applied to reduce labour costs during the construction process.

The use of NuAge Plaster has fundamentally changed the way Dart manufactures their product, from manually mixing and hand applying plaster, to the much simpler, quicker and easier way of pumping the plaster.  The spray-on method of application, immediately reduced labour costs and significantly lessened wear and tear on workers’ bodies.  John says NuAge Plaster has revolutionised the tank building process within his business. 

“Their backup service has been fantastic,” he said. 

To enquire about a customised solution for your industry, contact the NuAge Plaster team.

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