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Strawbale Houses

Paul and Joy Quilter were building a large straw bale home in the Waikato and wanted a natural breathable interior plaster.

Through the assistance of Roman Mayer NuAge developed Naturecote an eco friendly, non-toxic, interior Lime Plaster.

The Quilters love the feel and mottled marble look of the plaster. They say the bright, clean and airy feel is immediately noticed by visitors and the house has a wonderful dry and crisp feeling.

“The plaster certainly looks beautiful and adds to the overall quality of the house, “ say the Quilters.

“It’s quite easy to fix up dings and dents by mixing up a small batch and touching up damaged areas, then a simple sand off and it is impossible to see the repair,” they said.

To enquire about a customised solution for your industry, contact the NuAge Plaster team.

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