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About us

Bringing the latest technology from around the world and the finest materials together at their factory in Waharoa, New Zealand, NuAge manufactures plaster solutions to a superior European specification.

Choosing only the best for the New Zealand plaster industry, NuAge Plaster are the distributors for the prestigious German designed M-tec plastering machinery and innovative easy to use plaster profiles by Protektor.

A wide range of plastering tools are also available from our online shop.

The NuAge Difference 

Working with renowned industrial chemist, Roman Mayer from Germany, NuAge Plaster has developed innovative and specialist cement formulations for a wide variety of use within the building industry.

Sand is sourced from Daltons in Matamata, one of three BRANZ recommended deposits, and NuAge Plaster is manufactured in a computerised batching plant. Quality is assured through a full trace back system for both small and large orders.

NuAge Plaster’s product warranty ensures that its bagged plaster, mortar, concrete products and all associated components, when used in accordance with their current published specifications and product manuals, will perform in accordance with relevant NZBC Clauses including durability section B2.3.1c.

NuAge is Telarc registered having been assessed and found to operate a management system conforming to Q-Base Code:2001.

The Factory

Superior batches of plaster are harmogeniously blended at NuAge’s Waharoa factory using an M-tec high speed plough shear mixer.

You’ll find NuAge in Waharoa, the most central town in the North Island, making plaster distribution costs and freight very affordable.

Unique plaster machinery

Setting the industry standard in plaster application, NuAge Plaster is proud to distribute the German designed M-tec range of plastering machinery. You can view a selection of plastering machinery in our online shop or download the M-tec brochure.

Using modern application technology M-tec has made building faster and better – delivering quality machinery that’s robust, portable and able to turn out motar of exceptional quality. Full sales support and training is available for every piece of equipment sold. We sell everything from continuous mixers/pumps to Silo pumps, conveying systems and floor screed dosing systems.

If you can’t find what you want in our online shop, or in the M-tec brochure then contact us – we’ll source it for you.

Quality plaster profiles 

NuAge Plaster supplies New Zealand with the leading plaster profiles from Europe.

As distributors for the prestigious German manufacturer, Protektor, NuAge has access to a wide range of products from the Protektor Profile catalogue including starter strips, edge profiles, expansion joints, control joints, corner beads and finishing beads.

If you can’t find what you want in the Protektor Catalogue, then contact us – we’ll source it for you.

Training and consultation 

To ensure the durability of New Zealand’s plaster industry, NuAge Plaster offers consultation and training services to plasterers and builders using plaster solutions and M-Tec plastering machinery.

Delivered by experienced and certified staff, our training and consultation packages are tailored to suit individual needs and can be provided onsite or at NuAge’s premises at Waharoa.

We have specialist knowledge in the construction, civil construction, straw bale housing and mining industries.

Contact us to discuss your training and consultation needs.

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